Tanu Garg CA IPCC Topper (1st Rank) Interview – May 2015

CA IPCC Toppers Interview May 2015. ICAI declared CA IPCC result May 2015 on 31st July 2015. We already knew that Tanu Garg got all India 1st Rank with 559 marks. She prepared for IPCC Exam at Vidya Sagar Institute (VSI) Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Read below her Interview published at CA Club India website.

Tanu Garg, All India 1st rank holder of CA IPCC May 2015

CA IPC exam results have released and we are once again glad to bring to you their success stories. It surely motivates everyone! Meet Tanu Garg who hails from Jaipur All India 1st rank holder of CA IPC May 2015. Tanu credits her success and her source of inspiration to her Mother and Institute.

Tanu is a very hardworking and simple girl who aspires high. Tanu likes to travel and chat with her friends.

Her teacher praising and congratulating her on this success was the most emotional moment of her. She is all set and confident for CA final, let us find out what her strategy was & how she has achieved this success: 
Hello Tanu, first of all many congratulations to you.

Thank you sir!

Can you describe your feeling at this moment?

I am feeling on top of the world (Smiles). I can’t describe it in words. What were your first reactions when you heard this news that you are AIR Rank 1 & what was your parent’s reaction when they heard the big news? I was screaming (smiles) and started crying. My parents were also very happy. Actually, they didn’t believe initially whether I was telling the truth that I scored 1st rank and confirmed twice. I could see big smile on their face.

And what was that big emotional moment at that time?

The emotional moment was when my teacher told me that Tanu you did the hard work and your hard work paid off. That was a very proud feeling. I didn’t expect 1st rank and I was very happy

How important this is for you?

It is very important for me. Actually, I always get rank in academics but never got first rank. So this was my dream and I have always wanted that I should get 1st rank once. I didn’t know that I will get this in IPC only and I feel lucky that I got it.

Now you are heading towards CA Final, so expectations from everyone must be very high?

Actually the hopes are very high now; expecting me to continue it but I know it would be a very tough task for me to do that. But I will put all my efforts and hard work to fulfill those hopes.

We are very sure that you would be able to pull that off. So, who guided you in this whole journey, whom you would like to thank?

My mother, she has done a lot for me. When I used to wake up she used to wake-up at the same time and when I used to sleep she used to sleep at the same time. She is the one who supported me and took care of me all this time.

So how did you achieve this can you share your strategy with us – how did you prepare, what was your time table before and during the exams?

I have spoken with many students and what I have noticed is that they were all focusing on other refreshers and other authors. But, I only focused on study materials and practice manual provided by the institute. So, I only focused on study material provided by the institute and I strongly suggest other students that they should follow study material provided by the institute more other than the extra books of refreshers of other authors.

My time table was that – I used to wake up at 6 in the morning and continue it till 10 or 11 o’clock at night and for the last one month, I slept for only 4 to 5 hours a day. I revised the whole syllabus more than thrice. For the initial 4 to 5 months I used to study in bits and for the last 4 months (from January to April), I revised the whole syllabus thrice.

AIR 2 is also from your city and is your friend. How this happened?

Actually, we did the coaching from the same institute and our study patterns were quite similar (smiles). We are good friends and we studied together. I am happy for her as well.

Gunjan Garg CA IPCC May 2015 Topper (2nd Rank) Interview

And what is the most important thing one should keep in mind while attempting the exam and during exams?

CA papers are very lengthy. So from that initial point only you have to maintain the speed. Also the presentation of the paper is very important. What I have noticed and what my teachers have told me that in CA exams you have to be write very specific and to the point. It’s useless in writing lengthy answers, so one should project only the main keywords while writing one’s answer and it should be to the point and directly addressing the question.

What is your strategy for Articleship and CA Final study?

Actually, I haven’t thought of it yet. I am still grasping it. I am not but will surely register soon.

What would be your message to our members?

Work hard and your hard work will definitely pay off. Never ever think that you can’t do that or this. Plan your strategy and make sure you execute it well.

Thank you once again.

Thank you (smiles).

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